Curriculum Vitae

Apoloniusz Weglowski was born in 1951 in Piaseczno. From 1977 till 1982 he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. In 1982 he gained an honors degree, working in the painting studio of prof. Stefan Gierowski (annexes in the workshops: graphic workshop of prof. Halina Chrostowska, composition workshop of prof. Roman Owidzki and textile workshop of prof. Wojciech Sadley).
He works in painting and drawing. Professor ordinarius, leading painting and drawing workshops at the Kazimierz Puławski University of Technology and Humanities in Radom, and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.


Studio Art Center, Warsaw, painting and drawing exhibition


Museum of Modern Art- Galeria 72, Chełm, painting and drawing exhibition


U Gallery- SBM Ursynów, Warsaw, painting and drawing exhibition
Sculpture Gallery- SBWA, Warsaw, painting and drawing exhibition
Ewangelishe Akademie, Loccum (RFN), painting and drawing exhibition
Katholisch Soziale Akademie, Münster (RFN), painting and drawing exhibition


Exhibitions of paintings, textiles and drawings

Group exhibitions at home and abroad /selection/


Szydłów, Post-event exhibition


Nicolaus Copernicus Museum, Frombork, “Sky as seen from Earth”


Studio Art Center, Warsaw, “Warsaw Exhibition”
Museum of Art, Ingelhem, RFM, painting, drawing and textile


Centre d’Estudis d’Art Contemporani, Barcelona, Tokio, Okinawa, XXIII Premi International Dibuix Joan Miró


National Library
Studio Art Centre in Warsaw
Gallery 72 in Chelm
Museum of Warsaw Archdiocese
Museum of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw
National Museum in Warsaw
District Museum in Bydgoszcz
District Museum in Kalisz
Art Museum in Lubaczow


Works in collections


Grant of the Minister of Culture and Art for the achievements during studies, 1981
Grant of the Foundation of Culture, 1993
Grant of Minister of Culture and Art, 1999

1. Joan Miro Competition, 1984, drawing

2. Tadeusz Kulisiewicz Triennale, 1987, drawing

3. IV Triennale Sacrum, Czestochowa, 2000, painting and drawing

4. Talens Award- Grand Prix, 2001, painting

5. V Triennale of Contemporary Polish Drawing- Grand Prix, 2002, Lubaczow

6. II prize- International Biennale of Miniature Painting, 2002, Czestochowa

7. I prize- III International Biennale of Miniature Painting, 2004, Czestochowa


Awards and Honorable Mentions

Publications in Polish art albums

1. “Polish Artists about Pope”, dr. Janina Jaworska, Jednosc Publishing House, Kielce, 1996

2. “Artists and Works”, dr. Zbigniew Taranienko, Galeria Studio Publishing House, 1997

3. “Religious Inspirations 1980-1989”, Dominik Luszczek, publish by Spoleczny Komitet im. Ojca Dominika Luszczka, 1998

4. “Searching for Order”, dr. Bozena Kowalska, Modern Art Gallery Publishing House, Katowice, El Gallery, 2001

5. “Passion Inspirations in the Polish Art 1979-1999”, prof. Renata Rogozinska, Księgarnia Św. Wojciecha Publishing House, Poznan, 2002


“36 Million Gallery”, Franciszek Kaduk, 1993

“Guest of TV Polonia”, 1996

“Way of the Cross”, I TVP, 1996

Movies about artistic output